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A Small French guy, likes poking fun at Newbies on the LH boards, generally a good laugh.

This can be used alongside the previous definition of Scrozzy.
Scrozzy is SOOOOOO Scrozzy! :o
by Dero February 05, 2004
actually, a scrozzy is a tall, (about six foot five)sarcastic, vegetarian, skinny (about 3 inches wide at the shoulders) english greenday fan.
steve, stop being such a total scrozzy. here, have some chicken.
by Oesophagus Bork March 18, 2004
someone who has a very bad skin complexion. usually wrinckly or pitted resemblin that of a mans scrotum!
look at him/her what a total scrozzy!!
by mike January 06, 2004