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a, usually knitted, spherical woolen object used to keep scrotoms at a resonable temperature.
hehe pecker:P
scrotom warmers warm scrotoms~CASUALLY!
by crotch sniffer April 04, 2006
a hot chick
that rubs herself
on other dudes
when dancing.
this usually results
in a hard-on
that hot bitch has been rubbin on me all night
scrotom warmer
by .jase October 02, 2007
someone who sits in the lap of guys to get their "attension"
guy1: that slut sat in my lap
guy 2:what a fucking scrotom warmer
by backers October 02, 2007
a device for prtecting urself from sluts
me: that bitch made me wear a scrotom warmer.
by josefh October 02, 2007
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