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It is derived from three different words:

Scr: Srcub

oop: Noob,Newb, Newbie


It is commonly used to describe A person or persons acting scrubish, newbish, and/or is turtling.

Also used to to categorize someone at the early state of learning how to play a video game.

It isn't always considered to be the describing a person with all three characteristics, It can be used to categorize some one with one, two, or all three words.
I fought this Guy on Wifi, he was such a scrooptler. He needs to learn how to play and not turtle so much.

Don't Lie you scrooptler, you started to play yesterday.

I just Pwnd this Scrooptler, he had no chance.
#scr00ptler #noob #newb #newbie #scrub #lagger #justice
by James Rocket-The original March 02, 2008
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