n. The marriage of Crocs footwear with socks, particularly of a different color. Seen mostly at Theme Parks around the U.S.A and abroad.
It's a mistake to wear scrocs on water rides. Who wants soggy feet?
by Gator Nation (2)! May 30, 2009
Top Definition
(pronounced s-k-ro-k-)
To mooch. Derived from the venetian word "scroccare" mostly used by smokers.
// ed form: scrocked.
// ing form: scrocking.
// 3rd person form: scrocs.
Can I scroc you a cigarette?
Can I scroc you a cracker?
by Alisa&Elli August 22, 2007
The sad combination of Crocs and socks. Most notably worn by FSU athletes and fans.
In local news, it was so cold in Tallahassee this morning that the football team showed up for practice in their Scrocs. Bobby Bowden hasn't been this impressed with a scrimmage in 10 years.
by Gator Nation! May 27, 2009
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