A drunken misconstrued version of Scrotum and Crotch.
Ryan passed out so I rubbed my scroach on his face.
by Rexus July 17, 2006
Top Definition
Small arthropods that inhabit the genital area of a male. Cause itching and discomfort and may spread disease. Normally spread by sexual contact with the genitals of others or combing ball hair/man-bush with an infected comb or brush. Also known as crabs or lice.
Damn! I knew I shouldn't have slept with that slut; she gave me scroaches!
by Staaron January 04, 2008
The act of having sex with a dolphin while flying through the air. A woman named Monica is always involved when scroaching.(N)
Man, Monica and I had an awesome scroach party last night.
by caj99 May 18, 2013
To show up to someone else's siege (neither your or an allies) for the sole purpose to battle-loot, PvP, or be an asshole.

The term is derived from such online MMORPGs as Darkfall online, and maybe a few carebears that play WoW.
TSL totally scroached on our siege last night and we got wiped, what a bunch of faggots.
by Rothchild Schnuttervinkle June 07, 2011
(v) to leave unexpectedly
(n) One who leaves unexpectedly
He scroached right before the police showed up
That scroach is always leaving us!
by mlwmlw May 18, 2010
1. A term meaning to itch your scrotum.
2. A term meaning extraordinarily cool.
1. "I'm going to go scroach."

2. "Dude, that was scroach!"
by Socal Richard L November 02, 2006
A phat nasty shit that rapes your asshole
I just took my daily scroach

that scroach burned my anus so hard
by kkruise November 04, 2007
The croach of your scrotum, located directly bellow the peins where it folds over onto the scrotum.
My scroach sweats like sweating is going out of style.
by dolbert June 21, 2007
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