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Scripts combine several commands and/or variable changes into a single function. They can be used in applications varying from games to installation programs.
alias +dj "+duck; +jump"
alias -dj "-duck; -jump"

Function .onInit
StrCpy $2 0
File /oname=$PLUGINSDIR\temp.ini "temp.ini"
Call findSteam
Call doubleCheck
by Urd October 26, 2004
American slang for a doctor's prescription.
Stop at the pharmacy and pick up my script.
by Tony Dulse July 16, 2006
1. (verb) to send someone a written message, including a text, email, instant message, etc.

2. (noun) a written message
1. Mortimer: guys, I want to call my girlfriend but she sounds like a giraffe gargling nails

Wilmsworth: why dont you just script her? that way you wont have to hear her talk like a toothless, half-dead wildabeast

2. Chauncey: i just got a script from my girlfriend, apparently her turtle died

Jebediah: that sucks, you should send a consolation script
by erbindicshinairy January 10, 2011
Prescription drugs, usually illicitly acquired and used relationally.
Know where I can find any scripts?
by The Cosmos April 09, 2009
Form of admiration for a person who has acted cool in some way. Shortened from the literacy term manurscript (man_ur_script)
After playing well on the pool table Johnny complimented Franky with a high five and the words "man ur script"
by crossmember67 November 13, 2011
A collection of pages with lines for a theatrical production; the script purports to be the final authority when there is a question at rehearsal.

Nevertheless, changes are made to the script right up to dress rehearsal, and it is not uncommon to find as many as half a dozen scripts on the director's desk: "Two Top Hats and a Spy", "Top Hats revised", "Top Hats: latest edition", "Top Hats: no deaths", and "Top Hats: Collector's Edition".
Director: Do you have your script?
Actor: Script! Yes! ..... No, I left it at home.
Director: That was the third copy I've given you. You ate the last one.
by blonde_geek January 06, 2010
definition: description for cash dollars on hand.
pronounce: scripz
origin: carnival scripts for rides.
808-state pidgin slang
examp 1: yo, i cant go the club tonight, im low on scripts.
examp 2: so and so is ballin tonight, he get choke scripts.
by 42GAMI November 14, 2005