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Customer Service Rep who flops like a flounder once the caller's questions go off-script.
That script monkey forwarded me to a menu and I ended up back with him. He then proceeded to follow the same script and tried to forward me again.
by Bob Tenaglio December 26, 2006
A term used when describing the employees of an outsourced initiative. Usually found in a level 1 IT service environment or with a call center, they are comprised of foreign representatives who have taken English as a second language. They can not process requests without sticking 100% to a script as they can not think on their own.
I called to book a flight on Delta and the Script Monkey couldn't answer my question since it wasn't something normally asked.

I called Dell for help with my laptop return. I explained to the rep I already completed all troubleshooting and the script monkey said we need to complete all their steps of they will not help me.
by Mr. Dot February 04, 2010
A computer user who uses low level languages like HTML and Javascript almost exclusively, and fears things like .NET, object oriented programming, and working with a team. Often in web design, or their mom's basement. Related to script kiddies, but usually less mischievious.
Now that I showed Jimmy the javascript alert command, he thinks he's a fucking script monkey.
by Blavatsky January 07, 2005