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One of the more well-off communities in San Diego, 92131. There is absolutely no rivalry between Scripps Ranch and MM. Mira Mesa may think there is rivalry, however a more likely rivalry exists between an M3 and a Yugo. MM has more Honda Civics than Japan, more fish than the Pacific, and more automobile accidents than Hong Kong. The only good thing about Mira Mesa is that if you're lucky enough, we may let you drive your riced-out ford focus under the 15 and into our Scrippy neighborhood. Be warned though, as our cars may cost as much as your car and house combined.
Those motherf**kers from manil.... Mira Mesa come year after year to our nice little high school and litter it with anime, card clubs, ramen noodles and 4-banger econoboxes that sound like drag cars. Scripps Ranch is/was a very nice little community with a large percentage of the zip code on top of hill, over looking our underlings.
by SR4LIFE February 20, 2009
a whack ass place east of mira mesa. full of rich white people driving lexus SUV's and sprawling sub-division housing developments. scripps ranch is the rival of mira mesa
for all you gringo ass mira mesa haters, mira mesa isn't full of toothless old asians who cant speak english, huge fishmarkets, and honda civics. thats only half of it
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK June 20, 2005
A Beautiful Sprawling Oasis East of Mira Mesa, and North of Miramar. Commonly referred to as a suburb of San Diego, it has lush vegetation such as Eucalyptus Trees and Manzanita. Miramar Lake is there. scrippies are often seen running the streets in their designer sports gear looking polished. The price to live there is far above the rundown Mira Mesa to the West. They are separated from Mira Mesa by a Freeway, Homeless people do not cross the freeway to Scripps Ranch for fear of being arrested. They choose to stay in Mira Mesa.
We live in Scripps Ranch where it's pretty and not smelly.
by Mandathewitch October 28, 2008
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