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noun, in reference to one's leftovers. Specifically relating to the act of having sexual relations with a loose broad, previously banged out by your boys, but not limited to; pizza, cigarettes, warm beer, numbies, or anything else found half way desirable by a man who is incapable of fulfilling his needs, whatever they may be.
Peyton: Dude I totally banged Svetlana last night
Pimp: Been there, done that.
Peyton: What's that supposed to mean, asshole.
Pimp:It means you got scrimmins, cuz.

At the end of a bag of salt and vinegar chips, a man in need humbly states....."Yo dude, let me get that scrimmins."

The situation = two dudes, late night, one cig....
Oye dah, fuck shorts, fuck jailhouse, give me scrimmins on that cig.

by mackanooks April 17, 2008