1. what you have left over near the bottom of a bag of chips.
2. if you drink a foamy beer down to about 1/4" left in the glass, what you have left over.
3. the people you have left at the end of a party, or at bar close in a tavern.
synonyms: bottom of the barrel, picked over.
"Son, you wear that out to town, and all you're comin' home with is scrids."
by rjp February 15, 2005
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A tiny portion of food, usually referring to a small slice of pie or cake.
"Would you like the chocolate or the banana cream?"

"Oh, I'll just have a scrid of each."
by Fruitboots October 10, 2008
The piece of skin between the male ball sack and butt crack. A.K.A. the nifkin or gooch.
Man, after playing hockey all day my nifkin sure it sweaty!
by AudioStatic.org February 20, 2005

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