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The rough edge of a piece of paper torn out of a notebook.

Coined by the one and only Mr. Bradshaw, teacher of senior religion.
Bradshaw said that scridge was acceptable on this assignment, but Ms. Burke would never let that shit slide on any assignment.
by Dizzy Grizzy March 29, 2005
A scridge is someone who comments on every picture, status and event on facebook.
"Ive been getting so many notification because of all the scridges attacking my profile"
by theannoyingellyn March 14, 2010
1:To get out of doing something, by using guile, alternative excuses, sexual favors, or simply not doing it.

2:To scrounge i.e: Get something from someone using guile, excuses, sexual favors or simply taking it.

3:Scridg(ing): The Act of doing the above - alternatively an expression of awesomeness.

4:Scridge = any swear word that you don't want to say out of politeness.
1: "Yeah, I think I'm gonna scridge out of work later."
"Man I really can't be assed tidying up, I'm gonna scridge it and go to Burger King instead."

2:"I'm gonna scridge a car battery off my dad"

3:"Dude, he totally scridged off work this morning"
"Dude, thats SoTotally Scridgin'!"

4:"Oh for Scridge's sake!"
"Dude, that Scridge is whack"
by Ryuisu March 30, 2006
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