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The Butt of a cigarette which is usually found lying on the floor of pavements,parks etc. Chavs have an amazing affinity for spotting these from a mile, just like a cow can spot the blades of grass in a field.
Fuck meeeee sideways... thats an odin that is, I just found a screbend and it's half full.
by Solstice May 02, 2005
A Person Who Is A Complete Prick; A Person Of No Use; A Dirty Person
You are a right screb end, do you know that
by Sean OG January 17, 2004
The head of a penis (also known as a bellend) that has either been circumised or suffered some other trauma such as theft, arson or GBH. It is also used to refer to the grotty end of an object such as a shoe lace or a joint.
"Hey Issac want to go and get your bellend jebended at the Synagogue."
"Someone shot me the other day with a shotgun in the groin. I now have a bit of a screbend."
"Little Timmy ure shoelaces are somewhat screbended."
by Ollock Bollock July 05, 2006
Like a jeb, it is a derogatory word used for the bell-end, but unlike a normal jeb it is covered in smeg.
"Bally you fuckin' screb-end, stop bein a dildo."
by Jace18234 January 11, 2007
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