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The best frekin' game in the world.
"I'm gay for Kingdom Hearts 2"
by Solstice June 16, 2006
A hilarious guy who wears boxing gloves and a mexican wrestling mask, hangs out with his brother strong mad and a strange anvil-type creature called the cheat, and runs the only e-mail-processing computer.
(Strong bad bought a copy of the new release: This book is better than getting to first, second, and quite possibly third base, by Leomard Sportsinterviews.
by Solstice November 18, 2003
The Butt of a cigarette which is usually found lying on the floor of pavements,parks etc. Chavs have an amazing affinity for spotting these from a mile, just like a cow can spot the blades of grass in a field.
Fuck meeeee sideways... thats an odin that is, I just found a screbend and it's half full.
by Solstice May 02, 2005
A crazy man who has hair that looks like a sea urchin and wears a shabby cardigan, author of This book is better than getting to first, second, and quite possibly third base and Everyone is different. He is a character on www.homestarrunner.com.
Review for Lem's book: This book is up to date on all the current events, such as "my favorite pen stopped working just now" and "hey there's a dead fish im my hand, how did it get here."
by Solstice November 18, 2003
A group of 3 or more people in a room with their shoes off....
"yea we had this massive orgy last night! all teh shoes in one corner!!
by Solstice May 13, 2003
Referring to the time each month a female is on her period, especially when referring to a group of friends in which the females' menstrual cycles are in sync due to pheromones.
Guy 1 to Guy 2: "Man, we need to ditch the girlfriends this weekend, it's shark week."
by solstice December 24, 2014

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