When your having sex on the beach and u dip your penis into sand then put in into a females vagina or anus, therefor making her scream
yo i was fucking her on the beach and i gave her a screaming pelican
by Pimp jamie B June 27, 2009
Top Definition
when you are bangin a broad on the beach and you pull out dip your dick in the sand and then continue to hit it
Horn was given a sreaming pelican while we were on vacation in Mexico
by Carlson December 08, 2002
Whilst having sex on the beach, the male withdraws his penis, rubs it in the sand, and then re-penetrates. The name is obviously derived from the females reaction. Originated in Naples, FL
"How was your date with Skylar at Vanderbilt Beach last night?" "Horrible! That bastard gave me a Screaming Pelican!"
by CSN CSN February 02, 2009
When you are making love on the beach you pull your cock out, jam it in the sand and then put it back inside
I gave youre sister a screaming pelican and she ran off
by Sex machine3 February 19, 2009
A sexual act occurring only at beaches or sandboxes. It is a variation of anal doggy style. To perform the act, the male or "pitching" partner pulls out during an otherwise normal session of doggy style and grabs a handful of sand. The sand is then forcefully inserted into the anus of the female or "receiving" partner. Anal doggy style is then resumed, as the horrified screams of the receiving partner slowly turn into death gurgles/rattles - similar to that of a pelican.
Man: Dude, I totally gave my girlfriend a Screaming Pelican the other day.

Dude: Oh, man, so how'd she like it?

Man: She's was hella pissed off. She even threatened to call the cops for assault.
by Mexijews Productions August 12, 2009
When you're banging a chick on the beach and then throw her in the ocean and suffocate her in the sand and proceed to fuck her while she's screaming for air.
Beach Perv: I totally gave that lifegaurd a Screaming Pelican!
Jerry: NICE!
by King Singh August 13, 2008
When you're getting head on th beach, right before you blow your load, grab a fistful of sand and throw it in her eyes.
"I got on that girl on the beach last night." "Really? You give her the screaming pelican?" "Oh yeah."
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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