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8 definitions by Dallas

Background unknown. The sexual act is performed when the male is standing and the female is on her knees giving him head. Just after ejaculation, the male makes a fist and bops the female on the head until the semen is fired out both nostrils, making the smoke-like snorting of a dragon. Hence beating the female silly over the top of the head until she snorts like a dragon.
I gave that chick a Silly Dragon! (laughs maniacally)
by Dallas March 10, 2005
the name dallas spelled backwards
sallad r teh pimp!!!!
by Dallas August 07, 2004
A lizard lookin creature, who finds it hard to pronounce words correctly, which we like to call a LISP. She waddles like a penguin n has been known for accidently spittin on people while talking.(lispy)
She also does not know how to smile

"lisp" (dictionary meaning)
1. A speech defect or mannerism characterized by mispronunciation of the sounds (s) and (z) as (th) and (th).
fuck dude stop spittin on me, ur worse then mithele.
by Dallas March 29, 2005
a school, kicks navarres asses. has way to many rich people whos parents buy them the lastest and greatest cell phone or car every other week
DUDE1: haha, we owned navarre ast night. lets go to my car.
DUDE2: hey isn't that it there?
DUDE1: no my parents bought me another new one yesterday
by Dallas December 14, 2004
One pathetic loser, but he still manages to get hot girlfriends
Person A -- Did you see Hunces game tonight.
Person B -- Ya he sucked it up for sure.
Person A -- Ya but I bet his woman will still take a breathlizer
by Dallas January 08, 2004
Need we saw more

A faggot
by Dallas January 16, 2003
Similar to the Screaming Pelican. When you are banging a chick on the beach, and you stick your dick in the sand; snatch her eye out and procede to skull fuck her.
Kill Bill 2 meets Backdoor Sluts 9.
by Dallas October 16, 2004