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A sexual manouevre involving 5 guys and 1 girl. All holes and hands filled.
The guys were having a good laugh because they gave the local whorebag a screaming eagle last night.
by virginconversionunit August 09, 2004
Five dudes, one chick, three holes, two hands. Flap those arms and scream like an eagle.
Jeff: I put it in her ass.
Pete: I put it in her pussy.
John: I put it in her mouth.
Chris: She grabbed my cock.
Steve: She grabbed my cock too.

Girl who got screaming eagled: KAAAAWWWW!
by PTouch August 24, 2010
The 101st Airborne, a group of specially trained paratroopers who were dropped behind enemy lines to start the D-Day invasion, they also held their thin lines in the Ardennes forest most notably in the Belgian town of Bastogne where their force of hopelessly outnumbered men without winter clothing, medical supplies, and very little ammo held off a German offensive complete with full tank and artillery support while they had no tanks and only a few artillery guns
Matt: The screaming eagles kicked the shit out of the Nazis in World War II
Me: You better believe it!
by Brother Dave! July 11, 2006
A sexual act that involves a man having intercourse with a girl doggy style, and right before he climaxes he grabs both the girl's arms and holds them behind her back and he inserts his penis forcefully into her anus, and releasing her arms. This makes the girl scream and flap her arms like an eagle.
Did you hear that scream last night? I'm guessing Charlie gave Jessica the ol' screaming eagle."
by CreepingLeper September 21, 2005
When someone is either so drunk or so sick that they both vomit and diarrhea at the same time. The resulting act dictates a person trying to decide to either vomit in the toilet and shit on the floor or shit in the toilet and vomit on the floor. Either way, the person is screaming and must support themselves with both arms, thus the Screaming Eagle has been performed.
Kristen was really sick last night, it sounded like she performed a Screaming Eagle
by Dallasfiveo February 22, 2014
An AFL team in Western Australia so called for their penchant of gang bangs with each other in the change-rooms
Another good win by the screaming eagles today. I'm sure the jizz will be flowing back in the change-rooms
by eagles_r_fags June 10, 2009
When you're banging a girl doggy style and you're about to cum, you pull the sheets around your shoulders and flap them violently while screaming " GGGAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!".
Dude I totally screaming eagle'd this chick last night and she was like "what the fuck are you doing?".
by Argstaint November 14, 2015
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