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yanking the armpit hair of a hairy woman during sex and making her scream.
All natural girl/hippie type on top of man riding cowgirl, when he reaches up and yanking her armpit hair out, causing her to yell and shake her arms like a screaming monkey.
by loneagle October 19, 2008
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Sex Move: first you shave your partner's ass weekly for 3 months. You then let the hair grow fairly long.Finally when you are about to penetrate your partner's anus with your penis, you rip all the hair off the ass in one tug. In the end the victim will scream like a monkey.
I gave that bitch a screaming monkey last night.
by Matthewfax February 19, 2009
vagina, cunt, pussy, minge
only girls have a screaming monkey
by gm February 18, 2005

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