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3 definitions by +E-Man

a shot that consists of bacardi 151 along with Tabasco sauce and pepper.
This drink will hit ur stomach make you puke, bunn ur inside..and make you scream for Jesus (Help)!!!
to end ur night quick..drink a screaming Jesus!!
by +E-Man January 02, 2008
a dirty Asian is wen u jab a girl (fuk) with an egg roll, soak up vaginal juices..and make her eater after!!
white girlz love dirty Asians!!
by +E-Man January 02, 2008
A dirty mexican is wen u roll up a tortilla jab a girl with it (fuk her) soak up vaginal juices and make her eat it after!!
after eating pozole..we used the left over tortillas to bust a dirty Mexican on my hyna
by +E-Man January 02, 2008