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Whilst taking a woman from behind (Doggy Style), as you near climate you withdraw your penis and ram it in the anus. The effect of this action will cause the woman to scream like a cat.
John - " I was dogging the miss'es after the pub the other night"
Dave - "Oh yeah?"
John - "As I was about the dump my sticky white kids.."
Dave - "Yeah.."
John - "I whipped out the old fella and smashed it in eer back door, givin eer a screaming cat!"
Dave - "Good work"
#backdoor #tradesman #back passage #anus #marmite motorway
by Chickenham December 20, 2006
Synonym: camel toe
Hey, check me in these pants they're pretty tight and I think I may have a screaming cat.
#camel toe #buffalo knuckle #moose knuckle #pink taco #pussy
by wolfeagle847 July 21, 2010
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