this is basically the coldest dis to someone who has just been moded (molded)- proven very very wrong.
aaw. I TOLD you the Beastie Boys signed to Capitol. Scratch your dirty neck!!!!
by devdawgula July 03, 2004
Top Definition
This term dates back to the early 80's. The original phrase was "scratch your neck".
Etymology: a common practice among sophisticated women after being proven wrong is to scratch their necks, while looking off or away. This action is rarely done by arrogant people when proven wrong. Because of that, This phrase is used to let them know what they need to do, since they are wrong.
Person 1: I use Vit B for my skin to make it soft.
Perosn 2: For soft skin you should try Vit E.
Person 1: Vit B is the oil I need for good skin THANK YOU
Person 2: WRONG, Vit B is water-soluble therefor not an oil, Vit E is an oil.
Person 1: Really!
Person 2: Yea, Really. Scratch your neck!(or scratch your dirty neck)
by Lancerlot G-Mo January 06, 2007
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