To look for something you need. Like if you need some more money for your lunch at school then you could ask people, look on the floor etc. This would be scratting for money. Not always used for money but mostly is. If scratting for objects it means getting them without buying them (stealing, finding, borrowing etc).
I don't have a pen, I'll have to scrat for one.
by nick_smith.arch December 01, 2006
Top Definition
An ugly girl that tries to look by wearing loads of make up and short skirts. Often referred to as a cake-face.
"Hey, look at that scrat over there"
"Which one, there are loads of them?"
by Yapstarr September 25, 2006
Enormous black squirrel-like creatures, without the fluffy tails characteristic of squirrels. Probably the unholy spawn of a squirrel-rat union. One is known to live near the Administration Building on UMBC campus.
Watch that scrat. He's been giving those three squirrels over there orders or something. It looks like they're building a pile of sticks, or maybe a catapult.
by Ultimastrike September 23, 2004
Slutty girl; girl who is always after sex from anywhere and anyone.
That girl is such a scrat! She is always after the nut!
by phxfreebird March 19, 2010
The Gooch, Or Taint...whichever you prefer, or it is the spot between the balls and the butthole of a male.
Oh my god my scrat itches, or tickle my scrat, or lick my scrat
by TICKLE MY SCRAT January 12, 2006
A huge fuckin' morally degenerate rat.
I hate that fuckin' Scrat
by Chaich February 10, 2004
A slang term(most prominently in Leeds/West Yorkshire) for the recreational drug MCAT aka 'Mephedrone' - Originally a legal(yet VERY potent) high, which first started appearing in the UK around 2008, but by April 2010 it had become classified as an illegal substance in the UK. Other names for scrat include Meow Meow, Bubble, M-Smack, or if you're from London 'drone'

The potency of Scrat has slowly declined over the years, however the smell it omits is very much as flavoursome as it was in the old days... sometimes a very stale 'pissy' kind of smell, that you got in the old fashioned public gents loos with yellow balls in the urinal! - never use your bank card when racking up a slug with your pals, as if the slightest molecule of Scrat gets in your purse or wallet then you can't get shut of the fucking pong and all your work colleagues and family will know you are a wreck head!
1st guy: I don't get paid until the 29th so I can't afford any coke!

2nd guy: Why don't you buy an eighth of scrat?
by Sprout Master Damo June 10, 2015
1) a small person who shares certain characteristics of rodents, such as denning, hoarding, lurking, tweaky behavior and a lazy, apathetic attitude.
2) an unidentifiable furry creature between 1 - 25lbs in weight and smaller than a breadbox.

3) a derogatory term for a portugese jew.
1) "Quit your scratting and come out of your fuckin' room!, Ericka!"
2) "Look at that fucking scrat! What the fuck is that?"
3) "Shut up, you fuckin' scrat."
by scratmastermoxie July 18, 2010
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