to struggle really hard, to pinch a penny out of a penny
krimp family is so poor they are scrappin the bottom of the pit
by husghetto August 03, 2006
Top Definition
to fight somebody, to wreck, tussel or throw hands
yo dem niggas scrappin outside young!
by ROSAVEL February 26, 2007
- gerund - To slap box with open fists or palms, normally above the waist, without the intention of inflicting serious pain. A variation of rasslin' (rassle), scrappin' is perfomed between two unarmed and sometimes intoxicated combatants.
"You call my sister that name one more time, and were gonna start scrappin'."

"So... you wanna start scrappin'?"

"You wanna rassle?"
"No, I wanna start scrappin'!"
by scrapy August 16, 2006
To go out intoxicated for a night of barging into any apartement that you think may be a party.
We went scrappin around campusview last night but didnt find anything too decent.
by V.A. Gina Rain April 27, 2005
Scrappin, the act of going out and collecting scrap metal.
Scrapping metal is simple. You find scrap metal, you sell scrap metal. You get paid more for having more metal. You get paid more for having the expensive metal. And you get paid the most when you have more of the expensive metal.
Heading out for a day of scrappin.
by Cybercrews January 28, 2012
The act of seeking out trashy women of no morals and no class to take home and have sex with.
Lets go scrappin tonight, i could use some trashy no strings attatched ass!
by Hoggin4IfLief September 18, 2008
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