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to fight somebody, to wreck, tussel or throw hands
yo dem niggas scrappin outside young!
by ROSAVEL February 26, 2007
A Breezo is a woman, plain and simple. Its ya joint, ya bun, ya shawty. The term Breezo was invented in 2004 by a group of individuals in Atlanta, GA. It can be traced to Pita Bread aka P Breez. Anyone of P's girls was considered a Breezo. Around the same time, the word Breezy was entering the American Lexicon. Breezo became basically synonymous for Breezy. Creation of this word is attributed to Rosavel Rusan, Ace Jones, Will Dollar, John "Holv" Dossman, and Pita Bread. And that shit is real talk.
A) You don't got no breezos we could hit up tonight?
B) Man my breezo faking young, she said she don't got no friends
C) Thats shits crazy cuz I just seen her with this one bad ass lil breezo the otha day.
by Rosavel September 25, 2008
To fry, flame, roast or jone on somebody for any reason. To make fun of someone and embarress them.
1. Eh they was goin' on mike the other day in front of the whole school... He jive like a bamma anyway
by ROSAVEL February 26, 2007

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