It is a type of car called a Buick. It comes from the Bay Area which is in Kali4nia.
Aye man look at that scrapper wit all tha doors open, they gettin hyphy.
by FrIsKo's FiOnEsT December 18, 2004
A person who has a passion for scrapbooking. Also very creative and makes scrapbooking fun and interesting rather just paper with photos on it.
I would love to become a true scrapper someday, but right now I'm just beginning to get the hang of scrapbooking.
by LifeisLikeABoxOfChoc January 07, 2012
A conlanger (language inventor) who keeps creating conlangs, then deprecating them and starting new ones.
My first conlang was Arushtrian. It was a relex of English, so I scrapped it as soon as I realized how n00bish it was. Then I took Latin and created Vettizish, an uninspired Latin clone. I scrapped that. Then I created Edétonzhuq, a kitchen-sink lang, and when I realized how unworkable it was I trashed that one too. Then I created Apharish, but after 1 page of grammar and 2 words of lexicon I abandoned it. Then I created Ghandizka, and three weeks later I scrapped it too. I worked out the case system and morphosyntactic alignment for Mezzobradian, but after a month I had only gotten to a 1,200-word grammar and fewer than 100 words of lexicon, and got rid of it as well. I've just started on Pissschludel two seconds ago. I'm a scrapper.
by Larry Busch July 28, 2012
A scrapper is a lowrider but the term scrapper came from the copper twigs they use to use on bumpers and when the twigs hit the curb it could make a sound so u would knowthat u were about to hit the curb.
scrapper copper wire
by jj919 August 31, 2009
Someone who street fights with no knowledge of how to fight. They're usually seen throwing closed-palm strikes and swing like monkeys. This is your common 'school fighter'
"Those scrappers throw hands like girls..."
by Khengi February 08, 2009
a badass kind of guy who gets into a lot of fights
Man dude Jim was a hell of a scrapper at the hockey game.
by Christopher Wayland February 18, 2005
Scrappin started with the lowriders..who would put metal plates on the bottom of there chassis (creating sparks as they scrapped on the asphalt) and pankake their ride as they cruised down a strip.
I keep my scrapper clean.
by 19 November 30, 2006
also spelled s'crapper: someone that gets by on scraps, or gets into scraps, and might as well live in a crapper; a down-and-outer, a loser
that dude is a real s'crapper - he lives in a refrigerator box in the alley; he is a scrapper.
by adam_before_eve September 03, 2005
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