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drivin around in a scraper is called scrapin.(Bay Area term from Oakland)
lets go scrapin down the block.
by Zee-Zee June 27, 2005
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Live Hard, Scrape Hard.

To scrape, one must obtain a "scraper bike". That bike is any bike that the wanna-be-scraper customizes to their liking. i.e. spray paint, foil, tassles, cupholders, horn, wheel lights, etc.

Now, the average person doesn't understand the level of awesomeness that scrapin creates. Elite scrapers will stop by the vending machine (liquor store) across campus, then continue scrapin around campus while single handedly controling their scraper bike as well as their recently purchased beverages.

Often times, the best of the best scrapers will cruise through campus buildings while class is in session as well as decend 4 flights of stairs inside another building with everyone watching.
Holy sh**! Did you see that bad@$$ scrapin' on that sweet@$$ scraper bike?

Damn! that girl scrapin' by was a dimepiece!

Yo bro, we scrapin' today?
by jasontylers April 07, 2010
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when someone's drivin a nice ass scraper it's called scrapin.
We were scrapin down the block.
by Zee-Zee July 07, 2005
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To fight.... Or a brawl... It can be sayin it as a joke .. Which is used for most of the time
Yo me and you we goin to b scrapin for that girl
by viiickkii tee April 24, 2010
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Scrapin is when your ridin on rims that are bigger then your wheel weld...therefore it makes a scrapin noise especially when you bend the corner or if you have people in the backseat.

"Ya'll needa get the fuck out my lark im scrapin too hard."
by Luke motha fuckin Knocks June 19, 2009
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