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To use your teeth while giving a blowjob. Mostly girls who are just starting out do this.
Susie can't give blowjobs she keeps using her teeth, and it's painful.
by Crazy Casey May 12, 2005
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when some girl uses her teeth to cut dick during oral sex
That bitch gave me a scrapejob instead of a blowjob and my dick really hurts
by d0gbert October 24, 2004
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john needed to give himself a scrape job

judy was going to give her legs a scrape job
by michael foolsley December 22, 2009
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When a male has a classic case of itchy ball syndrome, the partner performs an itching of the scrotum with their teeth.
"Hey honey I think it's time for a scrape job. I have been sitting at work all day long." Said Bill.
by BAMFMASTA M December 04, 2010
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