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collective term used to describe a group of girls who are all fit. Can also be used to describe a single fit girl
"Check out the scrannit over by the bar"
by Samuel Smith September 28, 2004
With a similar etymology to scratter, scrannit comes from the middle slanglish, scranwert, with a similar definition to the above.

However, the more correct usage is to employ the above to describe a female or females who at first glance appear to be highly presentable, but will then endeavour to give you a virulent sexual infection due to their scratter traits and slack flaps, honed by watching endless editions of Trisha and shagging the milkman.

This should not be confused with deceiver as the said scranit may still look attractive from a shorter distance, though may have tell-tale scratter markings.

In the West Midlands scran is also used for the same, but amusingly confusing northern speakers who maintain that they would still want to eat it.
It's all right from here, but you wouldn't want to go with it, it's a real scrannit
by Uncle Nobby July 25, 2007

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