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Some who you dont really fool with and is a lame basically.
Question: Yo can I borrow a dollar?

Answer: Where I know you from scrams get outta here.
by Trey Savage January 20, 2010
To leave in a hurry; also used as an imperative command meaning 'go away'.
1) We had to scram when the cops showed up.

2) Why are you trespassing on my property? SCRAM!!!
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
A punk bitch. A snitch. Someone who is probably going to end up getting fucked up. Someone you don't chill with...ever.
That kid Vincente is a fuckin' scram.
by M1nt August 03, 2006
welsh for a scratch. but not any old scratch, its a bitchy, lashing-out type scratch. Or a scratch that gets you serveral times in one go.
'Ah crap I scrammed my leg on that bramble' or 'the bitch scrammed my face'
by Lucy November 09, 2003
To leave with much haste.
Hey, there's my Mom! I better scam.
by Sean Brian Kirby June 04, 2003
1. To leave in a hurry.
2. To drop the control rods into a reactor core. Originally coming from the acronym Super-Critical Reactor Axe Man coined during the original testing of reactor design using graphic bricks as a moderator. In the event of a highly supercritical reaction, the axe man would cut the ropes causing the rods to be fully inserted and supress the neutron flux and thereby drastically reduce the fission rate and rate of heat production.
3. (slang) To turn something off. Derived from the above and used primarily by nuclear engineering majors or nuclear operators in the Navy.
1. Po-po's man, let's scram.
2. The reactor scrammed on an automatic protective feature.
3. My computer started smoking so I scrammed it.
by nuke_eo July 31, 2005
1) Someone who is a loser
2) Someone who doesn't follow/listen to anyone
3) Some one who doesn't really have any friends
P1: Wow "chicken nuggets" is such a scram
P2: So true.
by YouLiveandLearn December 20, 2009