Skin that is prickly from hairs growing in. Or a hobos beard.
Will is so gay because his face is scraggly.
by DiaStarr January 28, 2009
The scrap paper that is left over when ripping paper out of a spiral notebook; the paper in between the perforated edges and the binding in a notebook.
It is very disrespectful of Jimmy when he leaves scragglies all over the table when he rips the homework out of his notebook.
by Brad Connors November 30, 2011
1. A person or object that is really gross or trashy looking.
2. A person with really nappy or gross hair.
That girl is fuckin' scraggly or She's got some scraggly ass hair.
*Pronounced (scraig), with a long A.
by 07BWrekin October 04, 2006
Messy, gross, weird,uncombed.
Gwabio your Hugh Jyebrows are sooo Scraggly!!!
by Cornelia [Goose] September 20, 2007

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