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1) Having to fight off women from birth, all Scotsmen are born with this.
2) The Scotland National Team
3) Scottish Weather
1) "oh! plethora of naked women! please, one or two at a time! I can only fit one breast in my mouth at a time! wait your turn! theres enough of me to go around! oh damn this scottish curse"
me: "aw for fucksake, scottish curse"
3) "pissin' of rain again, fuckin scottish curse"
by Zeb MacHaggis May 09, 2006
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Having such a large set of testicles that you regularly sit on them.
Did you see that pair on the guy in the kilt? Those things are so big, must be the Scottish curse ...
by The Real Jaster March 26, 2012
unusually small penis.
Oh man! I went out with George last night, and I swear he had the scottish curse! It looked like an acorn resting on his balls!
by darionlar August 30, 2005

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