Male masterbation.A guy who is masterbating.
My ex-boyfriend was scotting while he was looking out the window at the neighbour sunbathing.
by Jeremy Cresswell October 28, 2007
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The process of reiterating or repeating someone else's idea within 10 seconds of said original idea.
We came up with this idea then he came in and said we should do the same idea. He is scotting us.
by Jmac1984 September 17, 2013
To make stupid ideas
"Lets go count bricks or the wiring in windows."
-"Dude, stop scotting around"
by Dontron February 06, 2008
The act of creeping, or being sketchy toward a female. Memorzing her schedule, randomly showing up in places that you expect her to be, lurking on lobbies or hallways because you like her.
Girl 1: Look there's tom!
Girl 2: That's the second time he's been the same place as me today!
Girl 1: Girl, he's totally scotting on you.
by alksfjdf May 03, 2009
Scotting: when you vigorously claim an ability, explain how you are very good at said ability, take bets on ability, until it is time to prove the ability. This is the point where the person is to busy (or other excuses) to prove ability.
"I can kick a soccer ball further than anyone! Any bets? Great we will do it." On day of event can’t find a place to change his shoes. He is scotting out.
by jmp99_99 August 13, 2014
a verb. The act of masturbation for a man.
I came home last night and my roommate was scotting in the living room.
by Jhereg October 21, 2007
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