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A large mass of red or orange pubes. usually on a male.
Dude that guy had such a scott.
by Scotty_Sucks_CaysDork January 17, 2009
121 180
He is a DOUCHEBAG in every sense of the word. He can be found in your local playground stalking little kids or on the track field because he thinks he is really fast but he is actually slower than you average 80 year old grandmother who has had two hip replacements. He is the type of person that if he were to burst into flames right in front of your face you wouldnt piss on him to put him out. Usually has blonde hair and blue eyes and if you insult him all he will do is talk about fucking your mother. You can use the word "Scott" in place of the word douchebag in every sentence.
by Blake-us-o-realious November 19, 2009
46 110
A fatass. Pretends to smoke large quantities of marijuana and crack. Weighs in at a whopping 400 pounds. Claims to do LSD, but everyone knows fat kids don't do acid. Favors large yellow hoodie, who knew they make clothes that big???
Look at Scott! He's beached again!
by supercoolman45678 July 18, 2009
47 113
A panda who is fat and has small penis
Wow! Look at that Scott!
by Flippsinglie May 15, 2009
43 111
A racist against blacks. Typically short and loudmouthed.
Man, that guy is such a Scott to black people.
by nobody2 May 23, 2008
261 330
A whiny, incompetent, self-absorbed guy with the face of a schnauzer and the intellect of paramecium
Girl 1: Wow, my date was such a Scott. In the first 5 minutes he lost my shades when I asked him to hold them for a minute, then later he cried when the stars came out.
Girl 2: Oh no, how awful :(
by Naida March 25, 2007
150 230
is a dad that suxz at being a dad and needs to grow up and get a better life and get younger looking!!!! find a job and stop being a man whore!!!
he is such a scott
by cfgsdgf dvfv April 10, 2009
40 124