the ugliest fat man who trys to talk gangsta* and has a look in his eye that says "i'm a terroist going to kil you all" also he cant sing at all
"yo you whats up, i just killed ryan secrest cause he bothered me"
by urban slushi April 23, 2005
Top Definition
A ugly fat white man who shoulda lost instead of Niko!!!!!
My name is Scott Savol and i can't sing!
by Yelsew Foolface April 07, 2005
That guy on American Idol who looks and acts like an axe murderer and tries to dance.
Oh my God, it's Scott Savol again, trying to dance and looking like an axe murderer.
by Lady Pain March 07, 2005
huge ass white man who acts like hes black. also can't sing if his life depended on it...o and also tries to use his "momma" too much
scott deserves to lose and have his penis shaved and cut off.

*scott's overly dramatic black man voice*"i would like to offer this song to my momma cuz shes my mutha' from antha' mutha' and to all my homies in ohio, FO' SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE YO'. o and for all you fat girls that adore getting lipo and im gonna paint myself black, cuz id fit in even more."
by scott is a loser April 25, 2005
Fuckin owned

Best lookin man on the planet
"look its the best looking man on the planet. Fuckin owned
by Batman March 15, 2005
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