The native scottish language, not quite English but very close. It mixes regional dialects with English. Most regions have widely varying dialects.
So can you teach me scots? It sounds easy and very like English
by Whitsunday September 14, 2004
Top Definition
A supreme being that recognizes the extra "T" as waste.
You is the Scot!
by turd burgler April 10, 2003
The natives of Scotland,can be applied as anything of or from Scotland
The Alternative and older usage of Scottish
never to be substituted with the much hated term scotch unless you are referring to Whisky
The Scots are a great race
Scots is a language
Mary Queen of Scots
Scotsman never Scottishman
by The Earl of Carrick June 22, 2006
An informal name for a Scottish person. Short for: Scottish.
"That Scot drank every drink in the pub!"

"The damn Scot won the tennis"
by Jon Booth August 19, 2006
The Anglo-Saxon language of Scotland. Native to the Lothians and Borders ( and historically all of Northumbria in England ) it spread over centuries and displaced Gaelic - the native Scottish language - from most of the Lowlands. Most famous examples of the language are probably found in the poetry of Robert Burns. There has been much debate, which is ongoing, over whether or not Lowland Scots is a language in its own right or a dialect of English.
Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled,
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
Welcome to your gory bed
Or to victorie!
by siarach March 21, 2006
a scot can be a master of many things, master of bikes, music, art, computers...
That scot taught me all I need to know about the best music ever.
by Chikity April 30, 2003
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