A term used to congradulate someone or oneself for having come up with the ultimate put-down or having done something waaaay cool! Usually accompanied by holding up the hands in a goal-post formation.
Once, when we were on a band trip, one of our buses broke down at a gas station. The sign outside said, "Baby Chicks Are Here!" We were playing Truth or Dare and somebody got dared to go out and change to the sign to say, "Chicks Are Here, Baby!" They did, and a guy in a passing car honked as he drove past! SCORE!!!


We got to march our band right down the middle of Times Square in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! SCORE!!!


(Referring to a former choir director whose van wouldn't start, thus holding us up, in the middle of a tour because he left the lights on while we went inside and ate:) He's the only man I know who could mess up a one-man funeral procession! SCORE!!!
by Hallie Corson September 22, 2004
(n) or (v) a thrift store purchase of superlative value or rarity on the cheap
Those brand new boots were only $8? What a score!

I scored three George Jones LPs from the late-1960's today.
by mandingoe May 19, 2004
The Irish term for "make out with." Used a lot by residents of Dublin, it means to kiss in a passionate manner.
I really want to score that guy over there.
by oxfordpictionary September 26, 2010
To get a score, is to get a peek at a girl's guset in a public place. Normally a luchtime game to be played in a park. One glimse is a score, no panties wins the game. This game is not playable on the beach, unless you play bottom-less only - the girls not you.
Did you get a score then? - yes they were white and tight.
by Neilwill July 26, 2010
used in dublin,ireland by the d4's(the south posh side of dublin) and people who arent knackers or chavz or whateva to makeout,snog,french kiss etc.!
and meet is used by knackers! its not weird to ask some one the most random people come up to u and is lyk willl ya score me!!
Dude:Hey will you score me?
girlie: eh... ok
....... they score
Girlie: omg !! i just lyk scored that dude!!
dude : ahhh that wz gr8 she wz a ride just scored her
Friends of girlie: omg hes hot!
friends of dude : not bad dude
by dublin April 07, 2008
to have sex with a sexy person
Dude 1 "I scored with Amy last night."

Dude 2 "Nice"
by Melyssa210 October 15, 2008
money the price of an eighth of hash .
how much did you get that nodge for 'he gave it to me for score'
by steveo ireland February 03, 2005

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