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Someone who constantly goes to the "winning" team never ever wanting to be on the losing team, better improving his or her score.
Score Whore: "Since the Counter-Terroist team is stacked I'm going to go and leave the Terroist team to die."
by Angry Salamander November 01, 2005
Often a player in a FPS or other games who is obsessed with their score. They believe that having the highest score signifies that they are the best player, and therefore should be worshipped accordingly.
"K89lemur is a real score whore, he thinks that just because he has the highest score, he's the best player, even though I killed him twice as many times as he killed me."
by Nathan Heller August 01, 2006
An Xbox 360 player who, due to his vane outlook concerning his gamertag, brings himself to play software not for enjoyment, but for the sole purpose of increasing gamerscore. Score whores often employ the use of unlimited rental plans and seldom buy the actual games to support the studios that develop said titles. Once a score whore achieves a desirable amount of achievements, you will never hear the end of it.
You: Dude TMNT is so much fun!
Me: No its not, you pathetic score whore.
You: You're just jealous.
Me: Get a life.
by Brozly June 19, 2007
One who plays Mrs. Pac-Man and is more intent on eating every last fruit & ghost than clearing the maze.
Quit chasing the 100 point cherry you damn Score Whore and finish the maze so I can play.
by Dave to Tyler May 12, 2006
cork, ireland(origin unknown)est.
about 12/4/1985@10am
tara ....m....n-only messin hun
by KJC August 13, 2004
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