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When it is ROASTING hot weather out.
Wow, its very scorchio today.
by JCB1 March 27, 2007
The term used to describe Spanish weather in the Fast Show's Channel 9 sketch. It was always 'scorchio' (accompanied by the appropriate symbol of a sun) except for one episode, when it was cumulus nimbus, making Paula the weather girl cry.
"xxx...scorchio!" (where xxx is a place name, repeat until you've covered the entire country)
by Superfrog March 08, 2004
A term used when describing a woman who is particularly pleasing to the eye.
Hey, check her out....Scorchio!
by Gregory Grayson August 06, 2009
A dragon neopet that is resistant to the hotter places of Neopia.
My Scorchio likes the heat.
by Neopian November 06, 2003
a neopian dragon-like creature
thats one big ass scorchio you got there
by That guy from gamefaqs February 11, 2004