A Harry Potter fanfiction term, referring to the ship of Scorpius (Draco's son) and an orange. It is the self proclaimed fruit pairing of our generation after Drapple (Draco and Apple.)
Person 1: OMG HAVE YOU READ DRAPPLE FANFIC??? Lol so funny.

Person 2: Drapple is so 2012, have you heard of Scorange? Its raging.
by CooleoSoup January 04, 2013
Top Definition
A combination of the words "scorch" and "orange." A color of the skin brought about by excessive use of tanning creams.
Wow, that girl really needs to lay off the tanning lotion. Her skin is scorange!
by nemo327 October 04, 2010
A word that rhymes with orange and or anything negative
Orange=Scorange, I Scorange that idea, not a good one, I Scorange anchovies
by Big James88 November 22, 2010
1. A words inability to rhyme with any other word.
2. The word that rhymes with orange.
Chimney is an example of a scorange.
by Timonium Think Tank (T3) January 04, 2006
The Only Known Word To Rhyme With "orange".

Related To the Word "score" Used Only In the Game "Battle Of The Oranges".

"Battle Or the Oranges" Is A Game Where You Try To Hit Your Opponent In The Face With And Orange.

Team 1:"Duude We Hella Just Slammed You With Oranges"
Team 2:"Yeah Whatever We Still Have A Chance To Win"
Team 1:" Pssh Good Luck The Scorange Is 12 to 5"
by MagicBoy March 16, 2008
A german Band's name which was chosen because it got no meaning.
score + orange = Scorange > this makes no sense.
For example the band "Rolling Stones" got a meaning
by Simmel June 13, 2006
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