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To pull an unsuspecting persons trousers down to their ankles in front of an audience. "scoooosh!" is then shouted by everyone witnessing the event.

Best practiced in pubs / clubs, especially those with balconies overlooking large crowds
"look at Dave posing by the bar - eyeing up them women"


"yeah, let's scoosh him"
by Paul Asplin June 10, 2008
A 'scoosh' is a term used mainly in gaming scenarios describing a person's behavior. The person has to be quick-witted, evasive, and very sly. The word generally comes up in heated debates over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The person must also have a comedical drive.
That lil' scoosh is really annoying.
You stupid scoosh quit ganking me!
Ya big scoosh!!
by Pew Pew Purim September 28, 2008

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