1. A food's potiential to be successfully picked up by a serving/eating utensil.
2. A serving/eating utensil's ability to pick up food.
Dude: Hand me that spatula!
Friend: No, it doesn't have scoopability.
Dude: lolwut?
Friend: It will not aid you in obtaining your food.
#spoon #spatula #food #utensil #self-serve
by PostItPenname July 26, 2010
Top Definition
being able to pick up chicks
joe: damn bro you pulled like the hottest chick in the bar last night
kevin: yeah ive got scoopability son
#game #talent #confidence #suave #pimp
by jimmy football2002 May 17, 2010
n. a positive characteristic of a set of jugs that describes their ultimate ability to be scooped by a random set of hands;

n. the incomparable awesomeness of a nice set of tits
The scoopability on her tits is perfect

Dude those boobs have excellent scoopability
#boobs #scoop #tits #jugs #hands #nipples
by thatfunnykid69 October 20, 2011
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