Scoogie is my cats name and it means strange looking or wierd....
1.) Scoogie got her head stuck in a box today.
by Sarah March 21, 2005
Top Definition
Scoogie can be a noun, or a verb. Scoogie means you love someone, or it can be what you call someone you love.
She is my Scoogs, and she makes me feel scoogie.

A good translation of the able sentence is:
She is my wife, and she makes me feel loved.
by SeanProsman August 03, 2005
a good looking dude.
i am going to get my hair done.. there might be some scoogies at the club tonight
by giggles134 October 14, 2008
Scoogie is what happens to your gum after you've been chewing it for a long time and it loses all its flavor.
Does anyone have any more gum ? Mine has gotten so scoogie I can hardly stand to chew it.

This gum is so scoogie, it feels like I'm chewing a rubber band.
by EZBNME February 04, 2008
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