what are you retarded ? scoobysnacks are whatever gets you jumping around or drooling and talking stupid like scooby doo . Usually valium , but interchangeable with whathaveya & pay no attention to this definition , It's whatever makes you happy or act a fool .
Running around robbing banks all wacked on some scoobysnacks.
by PAINBRUSH September 17, 2008
A variation of the rusty trombone in which the man receiving the rusty trombone takes a dump in the mouth of his partner as they are licking his anal hole.
Man, your Mum was gobbling up Scooby snacks last night!
by grundlemunch3000 April 24, 2010
When high or drunk, indicates small, mouth-sized snacks...pizza rolls, small candy bars, anything that is edible. Comes from the way Shaggy would eat "Scooby Snacks" as they're dog treats, and he's totally blazed.
"Yo man, you ate all the Scooby Snacks!"

Going to parties, I make sure they have Scooby Snacks before embarking on the beer.
by RedneckYachtClubber January 03, 2010
A scooby snack is when you fuck a dog in the ass then have your girlfriend give you a blowjob.
Tonight i was really drunk looking at my dog and decided my wife deserves a scooby snack.
by Bindage February 17, 2010
a meal that people eat when slazed out of their minds. it consists of a double cheesburger and a mcchicken, you take the mcchicken out between the buns and put it in the double cheesburger, then you put the 2 left over buns somewhere inside your scooby snack, creating the ultimate stoner food
kid 1- dude wanna go to mcdonalds? kid 2- fuck im way to baked to drive all the way to mcdonalds. kid 1- dude i need some fucking scooby snacks right now or i will die. kid 2- where the fuck would we get scooby snacks? kid 1- wait what?
by shmalex shmaning February 24, 2009
The act of placing one's cupped hand around one's anus before breaking wind and then in a rapid movement throwing that same hand in another person's face carrying some of the anal gases released with it. The hand is then usually held in place over the victim's nose.
A:Damn dude, Cynthia gave me a scooby snack again.
B:Ah man that's nasty you should angry dragon her.
by Heraldoelvis June 26, 2006
drug refrence relating to PCP,Angel Dust ect..
"lets go get some Scooby Snacks
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003

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