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Ash that a stoner accidentally sucks from his/her pipe.
"I took a heavy hit, but I got a lot of scoobie snacks."
by Sedruce November 14, 2005
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When smoking weed from a pipe and a piece of the bud comes through the pipe and down your throat/windpipe. Which can cause you to cough and look like an amature smoker.
Stephan: Dude i thought you smoked all the time, you made us look bad in front of those guys.
Leon:Dude im good, it was a scoobie snack from your shitty, wack ass pipe.
Stephan: ... my bad.
by G-phresh June 19, 2006
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food for stoners as in to be eatin after being stoned munchies
Dude were stoned, who has the scoobie snacks?
by Adam549 September 07, 2005
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