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a sconey comes from scone (australia/new south wales/upper hunter region).now there are 3 types of sconeys.
1. the most common sconey seen around the upper hunter region would be a horse loving cow fucking animal lets live on the land and be gay person who wears flannos tight jeans cowboy hats and the biggest belt buck they could find/make.
2. Then there are the types of sconeys who might have 2 acres of land 2 chickens and a 10 year old cattle dog that just sits and does nothing. Now they think there like a sconey person and dresses like a sconey acts like a sconey but lacks the 1 thing a sconey needs and thats a farm with livestock.
3. Then theres the metro sconies who live on a farm or in scone and are given a bad name by these agricultural sconies when they arn't interested in cows or horses they just like football computers and other city junk.
3 way sconey conversation.
Sconey #2" oi eddy can i come to your farm and help ya round with the sheep cause it only takes 2 seconds to feed my chickens.
Sconey #1 "yer sure edgar, do you want to come shaun"
Sconey #3 "no fuck you i get enough of that at home i wanna go see a movie"
by james barnett March 20, 2006
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