A term used to describe some pornagraphic material featuring a naked woman, and acts of a sexual nature featuring the woman.
"Hey mate, have you got any sconch i can look at?"
by K4rlos July 07, 2006
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A prepubescent male - oft used within the school changing room setting, to describe/mock the last boy to get any pubes
"get your hands of my little Kevin, he's still just a sconch"
by Pricey March 17, 2004
Word invented in MA in 1976 to describe a hot teenage girl so she wouldn't have any idea she was being spoken about.
A smoking hot girl walks down the hall and a boy says "sconch" while conversing with his friend meaning check out this cutie. She has no idea.
by markbMA March 11, 2010
A small amount; polite form for "just a bit"; a smidgen; a tad.
When sitting down with a friend in a movie theater: "I aint your girlfriend sucka, so move over a sconch... queerbait!"
by Chappy Milhaps May 02, 2007

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