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The process by which a male performs cunnilingus on a female, but must, at some juncture, ask the female whether or not he should call 911, because said female begins, after having consumed exorbitant amounts of hard narcotics (i.e. cocaine, PCP, angel dust, crack-cocaine, meth, soma, crystal meth, magic mushrooms, siamese street smack, bubbling barracuda, purple drank, sizzurp, heroin, and/or crushed and snorted prescription medications) convulsing from the effects of an overdose. The male is unsure whether his partner's violent seizures and jarring spasms are due to an orgasm of unprecedented proportions or from the early symptoms of a drug-induced coma. If the female is unresponsive, the male will usually check to see whether his partner is foaming from the mouth, whether her eyes have rolled back in their sockets, or whether she has ceased breathing and/or lost her pulse.
Man 1: Excuse me, but do you happen to know why my wife is in Intensive Care?
Man 2: My deepest apologies. I was performing oral sex on her after she had ingested some narcotics from my sock drawer. It was a sclerenchyma.
Man 1: I appreciate your honesty, good sir.

Quique: Dude, why is your girl Charisma in the hospital today?
Tino: Ah man, I went down real hard on her after a crazy night of huffing Smack off of nightclub toilet seats. I was stoked at first, because I thought she was having the climax of a lifetime, but next thing I new, I had a real sclerenchyma on my hands. I'm telling you. I was blindsided.
Quique: Sucks.
by kimbo5252 December 20, 2009
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