go there! apparently there is some controversy between who scituates finest is. looking at that picture, im hoping the other girls can do better than that...
scituates finest? who knows who thats talking about cuz the girls in that picture are nottt fine at all
by hahaHOHO February 05, 2005
Top Definition
scituate is so immature-fighting over which stds what 9 year old has.
urban and scituates finest is the new gossip among scituate-how amusing. NOT
by me January 25, 2005
aint too many can bang with us...kind of an ironic phrase to use dont u think?
have fun with those std's :-*
A group of girls/guys (nobody really knows) who make up a name to feel better about themselves for all the stds they've contracted. The truth is, nobody really likes them. They used to get guys because they're an easy peice of ass, but nobody wants the loose, dirty hos anymore. They have no moral values and will fuck anything that moves, so watch out if one of these whores tries to get on you. A word to the tramps, you're loose enough to fit a basketball inside of you. For the sake of all of us, please... STOP HAVING SEX!! You're disgusting and you make the town smell, so close your fucking legs. You aren't just scituates finest, you're scituates finest std contracting hos.
Whore, ho, slut, tramp, hooker, loose bitch, anything of that sort.
by Telling it straight up March 05, 2005
im pritty sure this whole thing is absolutley stupid granted i am only a freshman.such a joke how could all of those things be true for each gurl??
man why does Scituate waist there time writting definitions about who is "scituates finest" if you ask me-all a scituate SUCKS!
by scituates regulaa January 25, 2005
anyone who says this is just another scituate kid who wants to feel better than others
Any girl from Scituate
by pay yo fare March 14, 2005
apparently a group of girls who was named scituates finest by one person and one person only. not only do i feel embrassed for the girls who are stuck with this name and do not fit the qualifications, i feel bad for scituate who has no time on their hands but to make a webpage trashing them when in fact, the definition alone has more attitude than any girl i've ever known.
Scituate's finest has gone from a little joke to a huge laugh: phrased quite funny..but worth the time to dedicate a web paige? i think not
by fat boys love cake January 26, 2005
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