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The most explosive attack ever, excluding Chuck Norris' round house. Used in the movie Talledega Nights. When someone is bending over you pcik one leg up and as you put it down you bring the other one up & over someone's head before hitting them with your leg on the way down.
Shut up chip.

Im'a scissor kick you in the back of the head!
by strue14 October 23, 2007
The sexual act performed when two lesbians rub their beef curtains together, but their legs resemble two pairs of scissors trying to cut eachother to death.
Ellen DeGeneres loves the scissor kicks!
by February 10, 2004
The romantic act of two women endulging in penis free pleasure, whilst rubbing their vaginas together in an attempt to create suction.
Tracy and Amanda, left unfulfilled by Colin's 4 incher, took up the beautiful art of scissor kicking.
by Mark et Dan September 04, 2008
A high jump done in a fast drum beat from usually in fast punk,hardcore, or pop punk music with a guitar spreading your legs in the air almost as if your doing a split just in the air.
Woah did you see that scissor kick that Mathew did!?!?
by xmatheewx March 26, 2009
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