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The feeling when you have no money or when you're broke.

Common part of Northern Irish daily conversation.
I was gonna go out to town this weekend but I'm fuckin' scint.
Lend us a fiver? Can't mate, I'm scint.
by Norn October 18, 2012
to scint: to bring a male to orgasm by rubbing your behind against his erect penis while dancing, can also be done by the male if he discreetly humps the dancer without the dancers knowledge
man im so horny but my gfs not around .... dont wanna cheat on her.... might try to get scinted

Omg he actually fucking scinted... if he does that when i dance how shit will he be in the sack?

oh fuck she made me scint... my trousers are soaked
by cardinal1001 August 03, 2009
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