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Scindie is made up of two words: "scene" & "indie". And basically involves the merger of the two cultures into one. People considered to be "scindie" love music from both genres and dress in a mixture of "scene" and "indie" fashion. Bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! and The Kooks are popular amongst "scindie" kids.
"Oh you're so scindie!"

by Jeph_Sparrow August 29, 2007
People who dress, listen to, and participate in both indie and scene. This generally means that they wear drab colors, generally clothes from urban outfitters, but still keeping to scene look with pink hair, extensions, and various other scene looks. Beanies, vests, skinny jeans, and vintage clothes are the best for scindies. They listen to mostly indie music, with sometimes a mix of (GASP) screamo, hardcore, or metal music.
Girl: omg, i went to urban the other day and they have all this scindies lurking around, and no more beanies!

Guy: kill me! what am i going to wear to the pinback show?
by princessyumyum July 13, 2008
Scindie is a mix of scene and indie. They are generally look like one of the typical indies, but listen to brutal bands such as Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, Dance Club Massacre, etc.
They are not fake like most scenies, but arent all-out natural, hippie indies. Sometimes scindie kids may make fun of scene kids, but on the inside, they know there is still that scene spirit in them.
Scene kid: "OMG ARE YOU SCENE??"
Indie kid: "Looks only halfway."
Scindie kid: "No, I'm not fully scene, nor fully indie..but a nice mix of both."
Scene kid: "So like, are you fake or anything?"
Scindie kid: "Just my extensions."
Indie kid: "Hmm...okay,"
by Ilovewafflesandsuch21 September 29, 2009
Generally a mixture between the two cultures of scene & indie. These people tend to dress with a bit of a mixture too, for example Vans slip-ons along with a retro adidas tracksuit. They also listen to a variety of music.
Scindie Boy 1: Hey, got the latest 'The Enemy' song?
Scindie Boy 2: Nah, but I've got some 'hellogoodbye'
Scindie Boy 1: Oh right, cool.
by CzdBwoi October 02, 2007

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